Eco Friendly Starter Pack


Introducing our new Eco Friendly Starter Pack!

Each pack includes:

4 x Sachets of Multi Purpose Cleaner
4 x Sachets of Washroom Cleaner
4 x Sachets of Glass Cleaner
8 x Sachets of Toilet Cleaner
20 x Sachets of Floor Care Cleaner
2 x Toilet Cleaner Bottles
3 x Trigger Bottles  


◦ No single-use plastic and 100% compostable boxes

◦ Effective formulations, biodegradable and phosphate free

◦ Pre-dosed formulations limit chemical overdosing

◦ Range of products for different applications

◦ Virucidal Detergent Disinfectant that conforms to EN14476.

◦ No downtime waiting for a dispenser to be repaired / replaced

◦ Reduced weight for transportation.  Reducing your carbon footprint 

◦ Easier for supervisory control in relation to budgets

◦ Reduced risk from mixing chemicals

◦ No risk of chemical spillage to the individual what is associated with liquids

◦ No manual handling issues and no risk spillage (unlike with transporting liquid chemicals)