Chemical Solutions

What is Chemical Solutions?
We are a cleaning material and janitorial supplies company.



What products do Chemical Solutions sell?
We sell cleaning and maintenance materials.
These include housekeeping products, washroom products, industrial products and more.

Who do we sell to?
We mostly sell to other businesses as we are a supplier.
Most businesses use a lot of supplies so we order our items in bulk and generally sell them in bulk, thus saving our customers money.

What kind of businesses do Chemical Solutions sell to?
All kinds to be honest. Big or small. We sell to gyms, restaurants, garages, hospitals, schools, universities, contract cleaners, anybody who needs cleaning materials.
We dont just supply businesses either, we also supply for festivals and events.

Are regular people welcome?
They are but please bear in mind that we are a supplier and again, everything is generally sold in bulk. If you are looking to buy just one or two small price items then you may be better off simply visiting the local supermarket. 



Why dont all the products have prices?
The prices on our items can change quite often depending on the environment. Sometimes our supplier has to raise the price on certain items and we must then add the increase to our prices. We try to keep them up to date but with so many products it can be quite impossible.
Things such as ordering a large volume of items can also make us more flexible with our prices.

Why cant we pay via the website?
Unfortunately we only deliver to certain areas, therefore restrictions have been applied to our online store based upon the order amount and your delivery address. If you are finding that you can not purchase your items online, then you are either based outside of our delivery area or your order is simply too low. If this happens, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email and we can discuss whether or not we can fulfill this order for you.



Can customers visit Chemical Solutions?
Absolutely. Many of our customers visit us regularly, whether it is to pick up some supplies on their way to their next job, or simply to come in and ask for some advice. Customers are always welcome.

Where is Chemical Solutions?
We are located at Unit 39 Wedgewood Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 4QT.

What are our opening hours?
Our opening hours are 
9am to 4pm – Monday to Thursday

9am to 12pm – Friday



How can I place an order?
You can place an order almost any way you like. Our customers tend to be busy people so we try to make it as easy as possible for them to place orders whilst also going about their day. You can place an order the following ways:

E-mail – info@chemicalsolutionsuk.com
Phone – 01438 356562
Facebook – www.facebook.com/chemicalsolutions

Buying products online

As stated above, we have certain restrictions applied to our online store. If you experience any problems whilst trying to purchase online, please contact us via email or phone.



Do Chemical Solutions deliver?
Yes we do and generally free of charge! This of course depends on the size of the order and the distance of delivery.

Can I collect my items?
Absolutely. As mentioned above, customers are always welcome to come and collect their items themselves, providing we have them in stock.


Payment Methods

How Can I pay?
Customers can pay in the following ways:

Credit/Debit Card
Bank Transfer
30 Day Credit

What is 30 day credit?
If you are a business then we are happy to offer you 30 days to pay for your items. As a businesses ourselves, we are more than aware of the trouble that can come from needing to order items whilst waiting for payments from your customers. So if you choose the 30 day credit option then we will e-mail you an invoice of your order and then you have 30 days to pay us in whichever way we have listed.