Cleaning Audits And Training Courses

A large majority of the cleaners we meet within the industry have had no formal training.

This means that many cleaners are unaware that they could be

  • using the wrong product for a job,
  • costing themselves money,
  • putting themselves at risk,
  • putting the public and other members of staff at risk!

Here at Chemical Solutions we offer a solution to this.
We can provide a unique training course which will make sure that your staff are both knowledgeable in the products that they use and how to use them safely.

Our training includes:

Identifying the correct products to use
Staff will be able to identify the correct products to use in order to be based on what will be most efficient and cost effective.

C.O.S.H.H Regulation Awareness (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) 
It is extremely important that your staff are trained in COSHH. This is a necessity in EVERY work place.

Health And Safety Training
Cleaning materials can be hazardous. Your staff not only will be trained in how to handle materials correctly, but also what to do if an accident does occur. 

Book A Training Course

If you wish to book a training course please contact us at

Cleaning And Maintenance Training

Our staff have over 30 years experience. This is a luxury not all, especially young, cleaning staff have. Why not take advantage and borrow some of our techniques and clean an area more quickly and efficiently.

Three Product Demo
At Chemical Solutions we believe that with the right products and the right techniques, most cleaning situations can be achieved by using only three of our products. We can show you how this is possible.

Our training courses can be amended and adapted to whatever your needs may be and we aim to work WITH your staff to help them achieve your goals.