Clean Everything With Just 3 Products!

Do you and your team use lots of different products?

Kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, they can add up pretty quickly and take up a lot of space and create a lot of extra work.

But what if you didnt need all of these cleaning products? What if you could do all of your cleaning with just 3 products?

Well with Chemical Solution’s products you can.

We specialise in condensing your products down to just a few essentials, making your ability to clean much easier and save you money.

So what do you need?

multi purpose cleaner

A multi purpose cleaner is exactly what it says it is, a cleaner that you can use to clean many things! Floors, walls, desks, sides, worktops, you can clean just about anything with one of our multi purpose cleaners. No need for a bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, general purpose cleaner, you can do it all with just the one product!

The other great thing about our multi purpose cleaner is its strength.

We recommend diluting the product with water, not only to activate the cleaning agent, but also to make sure that it is at the right strength for the job. Tough stubborn dirt will need a stronger mix while general cleaning can be achieved which just a weak mix. Another way to save you money!


Our toilet cleaners contain a mild hydrochloric acid. This means they can tackle any tough to clean toilet! Not only that, but they are also scented, leaving your toilet smelling just as fresh as it is clean.

glass cleaner

The last cleaning product you will need is our Clear View Glass Cleaner. This will clean all glass and mirrors, leaving them shiny and streak free. Just mix with water, spray onto the surface, wipe with a microfibre cloth and bingo! Clean and sparkling glass windows!

If you would like to see our products in action, no problem. Book for a representative of ours to come to your work place and show you just how good our products are absolutely free of charge!

We will show you that not only can these 3 products tackle all your day to day cleaning but that they can also save you a lot of money!