Chemical Solutions have a wide range of customers and therefore offer a varied and in depth range of services. Below is an overview of what we currently offer to our customers.
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There we have sorted our customers into separate categories, such as Medical, Hospitality, Schools And Universities. You can click on the category that suits you and see exactly what we offer in detail. We have the listed the cleaning requirements that are necessary for each customer, the services we provide them and a brief list of products that we often sell to them.

Product Range

Chemical Solutions are first and foremost a supplier of cleaning materials and janitorial products.
We have been providing our service for over 24 years, with many of our customers remaining loyal to us for over 10 years.

We offer brand products, budget products and a range of eco friendly products.
If you are looking for something that isnt on the list, dont worry, just contact us and im sure we will be able to deliver it for you.

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Equipment Hire

As well as supplying cleaning and maintenance products, we also supply cleaning and maintenance machinery.
These range from floor buffers, cleaners and dryers, mini feed dispensers and soap dispensers.

How much does it cost? I'm glad you asked.
We feel that our customers should be rewarded for their loyalty to us, therefore any and all of our customers are capable of hiring our machinery free of charge!
So long as you use our products, we have no problem with you using whatever equipment we have available. 

If you're not a customer of ours, then you can hire any of our equipment at a small charge.
The price will depend on the equipment itself and for how long. But the average quote is around £30 for a weekend hire.

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Training Courses and Cleaning Auditing

Are your employees costing you money by using the wrong dosage of cleaning chemicals?
Are they creating a hazardous environment by using the wrong materials?
Are you ordering too much of the same products, when you could simply use one product to achieve multiple solutions?

Our Cleaning Auditing will answer all these questions and more, and allow you to ascertain whether or not your premises is up to the standard of cleanliness that it should be.

If you feel it isnt up to scratch, our EXCLUSIVE Cleaning and Maintenance training will allow us to teach your staff the most efficient and cost effective ways of keeping your establishment clean and tidy and potentially saving you money.

COSHH awareness and Health and Safety training are absolutely essential to any and all companies that hire cleaning staff.
Not only is it vital for the employees to work in a safe and hazard free environment, but it is also essential that your property remains safe and hazard free to your customers.

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Events And Festival Supplies

As well as supplying cleaning and maintenance products for businesses, we also supply materials for events and festivals.
Whether you're a music event, a festival, equestrian show, whatever your need, we can supply it.
We offer

  • Food and beverage supplies such as paper napkins, plastic cups, hand towels, hand soaps, air fresheners, black bin liners.
  • Toilet products such as toilet rolls, hand soaps, air fresheners.
  • General maintenance such as litter pickers, black bin bags,
  • And more

If you're interested having Chemical Solutions be a supplier for your event, please contact us and we can discuss how we can best supply your event.

Become A Chemical Solutions Customer

The benefits of becoming a Chemical Solutions customer are 

  • Working with a company with over 24 years experience in the cleaning industry
  • Access to a huge range of products
  • Equipment Hire
  • Training and Auditing Services
  • 30 Day Credit
  • Free deliveries

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